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I Could Totally Fall for You

The spirit of autumn crafted with the colors of the season.

Instead of my monthly color palette idea, we're switching things up with this fall wedding inspiration instead! Fall is now, more than ever the most popular wedding season. So move over June! September through November is where it’s at.

Fall is my absolutely favorite time of the year so we can not complain.

Now there is a right way to do a fall wedding and there is a wrong way. The wrong way is a throw fall-themed affair. The right way is THIS!

And perhaps surprisingly, you won’t find an orange pumpkin, bale of hay, or fake leaf in site. What you will find though is deep, rich colors, textured fabrics, details that add warmth and depth, and subtle nods to the season. Marsala, plum, hunter green, navy, burnt orange, and even bronze…

There is a rainbow of shades to choose from and they even look fantastic when used altogether.

For your men, ditch the tux and think tweed and corduroy pieces. Bridesmaids dresses can be classic but choose one in any of the dramatic shades just mentioned. Decor could include gilded leaves, pinecones, fresh herbs and lots and lots of candles. And how about our á la carte dry flower collection- autumn wedding..

Flannel blankets to keep your guests warm during your outdoor ceremony is a thoughtful gesture and fresh s’mores over a bon fire would be a great night cap. Incorporate cranberries, figs, and root veggies into your menu for a taste of the season. We could go on because we are literally dreaming all kinds of the incredible ideas!

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